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Photos (from left): D-NJ Frank Pallone tells FCC To Avoid major reforms to Video Regulations *** Famed Sportscaster Vin Scully Sits Out Diodger's Post-Season following undusclosed meducal procedure *** iHeart's Brian Kaminsky Outlines iHeart Programmatic Approach to Agencies *** Cajun Chef Paul Prudhomme dies at 75 *** FCC's Ajit Pai does a modification on his campaign for AM Getting an FM Window *** Cumulus Mary Berner says NASH format isn't going awat ***iHeart Promotes Bill Cahill to SVP-Programming position *** Edith Chapin Named Executive Editor of NPR *** Rachel Maddow Named To Host Democratic Forum in South Carolina      

  • <<BREAKING NEWS>> - 1 Dead, 1 Injured at Texas Southern (Second College Shooting Location Today);Earlier shooting at Northern Arizona University leaves one dead, three injured. Last week, a gunman opened fire on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., killing nine and wounding nine others.
  • 10/09/15 - WIS-TV & Alpha Media Radio Combine to Raise $736,000 For SC Flood Relief
  • 10/09/15 - Key House Democrat Tells FCC Don't Impose Sweeping TV Video Reforms
  • 10/09/15 - KANTAR MEDIA: TV Ad Clutter is Worse Than Ever
  • 10/09/15 - Nielsen Gives Stations PPM Encoder Upgrade; Delivery Schedule Outlined
  • 10/09/15 - Extant Cancelled by CBS
  • 10/09/15 - Scully Sits Out Dodgers Post-Season Playoffs After Medical Procedure
  • 10/09/15 - iHeart Maps Out Programmatic Efforts For Agencies
  • 10/09/15 - CBS Extends Contract With St. Louis Blues Hockey Broadcasts
  • 10/08/15 - Paul Prudhomme, Louisiana chef who popularized Cajun cooking, dies at 75
  • 10/08/15 - John Boehner Cancels On ‘Tonight Show’ After Kevin McCarthy Bails On Speaker Race
  • 10/08/15 - FCC's Pai Changes His Position on AM Translator Window
  • 10/08/15 - Cumulus Quick To Say "NASH" Isn't Going Away
  • 10/08/15 - iHeart Promotes Bill Cahill to SVP Programming Position
  • 10/08/15 - Edith Chapin Named Executive Editor of NPR
  • 10/08/15 - Rachel Maddow Named To Host Democratic Forum in South Carolina

Political Headlines & Updates - Please note that while TDGA would prefer to remain non-political in the implications conveyed in articles of a political nature, the significant impact of political advertising in our member's business interests cannot allow us to turn a blind eye to this segment of our Industry. We make a concerted effort to provide a balanced presentation. Any inferences, implications and or opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those of TDGA, its advertisers or its membership. All articles are provided for informational purposes only and their sources are clearly identified via hyperlinks to the original published material. TDGA does, however, reserve the right not to publish material that we believe lacks any credible basis in fact or is not attributable to a direct quote.





  • Democratic Debate (Las Vegas) – CNN - CNN Democratic Primary Debate,  Live Stream: CNN.com;  9pm ET (8pm CT, 6pm PT),   Location: Wynn Las Vegas,  Sponsors: CNN, Nevada Democratic Party Moderators: Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Dana Bash; Candidates: Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley, Webb, Chafee Read more at http://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/2016-debate-schedule/2016-democratic-primary-debate-schedule/#5HA1kCZ2bmThPc1g.99
  • 10/09/15 - President Visits Roseburg As Gun Control Debate Intensifies
  • 10/09/15 - "Only Ryan Can Save Us Now," Say Republicans
  • 10/09/15 - Dates Set for Univision & PBS Democratic Debates
  • 10/09/15 - Report: Biden Aides Meet With DNC To Review Rules For Candidates
  • 10/08/15 - Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Speaker of the House Race
  • 10/07/15 - Bill Clinton Says Trump Is GOP's Most Interesting Character
  • 10/06/15 - North Carolina Moves Primaries to March 15th (2016)
  • 10/05/15 - Clinton Tacks Left Of Sanders As She Takes On Gun Control
  • 10/05/15 - Bernie Sanders To Appear On Ellen Show After Democratic Debate

October 19, 2015 (Canadian Elections)  CRTC Issues Guidelines to Broadcasters for Upcoming Canadian Elections


Traffic Professional's Digest

Special Report: Part I - Digital Turning 'Broadcast' Sales Upside Down

Special Report, Part II - Making Programmatic Broadcaster-Friendly





  • 10/07/15 - Contest Rule Revisions Published in the Federal Register; Effective Date Not Yet Set
  • 10/06/15 - California Governor Signs Bill To Help Eliminate Gender Wage Gap
  • 10/06/15 - Traffic Start Planning for the Coming Clutter
    • It Looks Like Political Ads in 2016 Will Primarily be of the 15-Second Variety
  • 10/05/15 - Broadway Systems Unveils New Cross-Platform Enhancements for Linear, VOD and Digital
  • 10/02/15 - Looking Ahead? Program Logs Move To Standard Time on Sun., Nov 1st (at 2:00am)
  • 10/02/15 - Have A Political Question That Stumps The Legal Community - Here's The Number to CALL
  • 10/01/15 - Marketron Traffic Expert & VP of Int'l Sales Renee Roth Succumbs to Cancer Complications
  • 10/01/15 - California Poised to Expand State Equal Pay Law
  • 10/01/15 - Marketron and Synchronicity Form Partnership To Provide Live Log & Copy Control for Radio Advertising
  • 09/29/15 - IAB Reveals Refreshed HTML5 Guidance
  • 09/28/15 - Microsoft Office 2016 Touts Email Alternative Called "Groups"

TDGA Broadcast Business Briefs





  • 10/09/15 - Fusion Channel Announces Layoffs and Cancels Programs
  • 10/08/15 - Emmis Reports Flat Revenue For Fiscal Q2
  • 10/08/15 - Katz To Rep Spotify
  • 10/08/15 - Illinois Station Trio Sold By Connoisseur To Neuhoff in Bloomington
  • 10/08/15 - Fiat Chrysler Avoids Strike With New Contract
  • 10/07/15 - Deborah Barak Named President of CBS Business Operations
  • 10/07/15 - Media General Declines Comment, But NY Post Says Their Meredith Deal Is Dead
  • 10/07/15 - SC Flood Victims Get Extended Tax Filing Relief Till Feb. of 2016
  • 10/07/15 - Facebook Adds New Broadcasting Features
  • 10/07/15 - Sam Rogers Returns to CBS Radio As VP of National Sales & Partnerships 

TDGA Legal Advisories

October Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters – Many Routine Filings for All Broadcasters, Incentive Auction Actions, and More

Moving FM Translators 250 Miles to Rebroadcast an AM Station – What the FCC is Considering as Part of Its AM Revitalization Proceeding




Looking Ahead

Saturday, October 10, 2015

  • Children’s Television Programming during Q3-2015 - Records showing compliance with commercial limits on must be placed in stations’ public inspection files of All Commercial Full-Power and Class A Television Stations
  • Issues/Programs Lists for Q3-2015 must be placed in stations’ public inspection files of All Commercial and Noncommercial Full Power and Class A Television Stations; Commercial and Noncommercial AM and FM Radio Stations
  • Documentation of Class A Television Continuing Eligibility should be placed in stations’ public inspection files
  • NAB Small Market Television Exchange (Ends Today)

Monday, October 12, 2015

From The Corner of Advertising & Agency



  • 10/09/15 - Why Advertising Needs To Open Its Doors To Older Talent
  • 10/09/15 - Southwest Spotlights Its Fees in Transfarency Campaign
  • 10/09/15 - KBS+ Highlights BMX X1 SUV's Features in Humorous Scenarions
  • 10/09/15 - MEC Takes On All Media Planning, Buying for MetLife
  • 10/09/15 - How Advertising To The LGBT Community Has Grown
  • 10/07/15 - Hyatt Regency Launches Biggest Global Push
  • 10/07/15 - ESPN Responds To Insider Trading Scandal by Suspending DraftKings Segments 
  • 10/07/15 - Spark Adds Media Buying To Its Taco Bell Roster

Three Approaches To Earn Your Political Traffic Certification for the 2016 Presidential, Congressional, State and Local Campaigns 

The TDGA Political Traffic Certification Course and Examinations are intended for Commercial Radio & Television Stations in the United States Only. The Regulations reflect FCC & FEC regulations and most Non-Commercial (Public) Stations are prohibited from carrying advertising of any description.  Non-Commercial Stations are welcome to participate, but because of advertising prohibitions for most non-commercial categories, the value would be minimal.

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The software program, study guides and exams are currently being written to insure your station knows what campaigns are entitled to the LUC during Political Windows; and more importantly, which are not. Which spots are a qualified "use." and which are non-qualifying PACs, Super Pacs, etc.  Best of all, we've been able to completely cover 100% of the cost for TDGA Members with a "current" membership status, offer Group opportunities to join or renew recently expired memberships. Each is far better than spending the $89.95 course fee for non-TDGA members.

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