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TDGA Just Saved Us a Bundle. I'm refering to your article about Rate Allocation Procedures for Orders That Include "Bonus" Spots. You folks are Great!       (Please Withold My Name & Station)

Dear Anonymous: My first inclination was to blush and say "Thank You." Oh, how I wish Bonus Spots just never happened, but in this instance if you're a Commercial Radio or TV Station, you're right about the money to be saved during the "Political Windows" periods before Primaries, Caucuses and the General Elections, especially in 2018 when it should be Orders-Galore from political candidates and even greater numbers of PACS or non-candidate supporters. Learn the "joys" of Package Billing, Rate Allocation Forms to add to the Time Orders and stop giving away the "store."  Remember-- What You gave away for regular Advertisers in the form of bonus-spots "WILL" come back to haunt you when political candudates start "shopping for the best LUC-LUR's." Especially if the Time Order Says "X" Spots at $0.00 (or (no charge).

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TDGA Newsmakers (Left to right):  "Mr. Political Rules & Regs" - Bobby Baker will be featured along with an all-star cast of Attornies on Political Webinar thisThursday, It's a :"Must" for Traffic Marketron names Michael Collins as new CEO as acquisition of company confirmed   Elvis Duran to be inducted into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame this April in Vegas WALA's Bob Grip Announces Retirement after 33 years anchoring in Mobile WQDR-FM (Raleigh) PD Lisa McKay has died at 54 just  2 days after takjing leave of absence to battle the disease Football's Keith Jackson has died sat 89   Oldest Traffic Software Company Marketron Changes Hands, pledges Investment in Product for the future   FCC Chair Ajit Pai promises full investigation into Hawaii False Missile Alert Broadcast No Surprisde here, Brendan Carr nominated to serve full term as FCC Commissioner   KBA appoints KET's Julie Schmidt to Board of Directors CBS names John Dickerson as Charlie Rose replacement on CBS Morning Show GAB Names Hall of Fame Inductees for Jan 25th Induction, thery are Greg Davis, Mary Jones, Tim McVay and Art Sutton Derron Steenbergen featured at South Carolina Sales Sessions during upcoming South Catolina Broadcaster Winter Conference on Jan. 25th  

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