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Photos (Top Row from Left): NFL's CMO Dawn Hudson; WRAL-TV Takes a Lead Against Domestic Violence; Hearst Digital's Rick Marini; FCC Comm. Ajit Pai; Gov. turned Talk Show Host John Rowland; Actress/Vocalist Polly Bergen; 

  • 09/23/14 - KBA's TV Broadcaster Reimbursement Program; Another KBA Value-Added Benefit
  • 09/23/14 - Fox Gives Tribunes KCPQ Seattle Termination of Network Affiliation Notice
  • 02/23/14 - SiriusXM Loses Ruling on Copyright Liability For Pre-1972 Recordings In California
  • 09/23/14 - Shaw Media Applies to CRTC For New National News Service
  • 09/23/14 - NFL Names Dawn Hudson New CMO for Damage Control
  • 09/23/14 -WRAL Continues Focus On Domestic Violence
  • 09/23/14 - NFL Comes to NBCUniversal’s mun2 in Spanish on September 28
  • 09/22/14 - TV Networks Ramping Up Fees From Their Affiliates
  • 09/22/14 - PRI Radio Launches "Across Women's Lives" Infancy to Old Age
  • 09/22/14 - Hearst Announces Digital Push For New Group
  • 09/22/14 - NBC TV Does Away With "Fall" Season by Converting To 52-Week Scheduling Concept
  • 09/22/14 - Former Governor-Turned Radio Talker Guilty of Violating Federal Campaign Laws
  • 09/22/14 - FCC's Commissioner Pai Disappointed Over Audio Division Denial of Translator Move
  • 09/20/14 - Polly Bergen TV & Film Actress, Vocalist - Dies at 84
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  • 09/24/14 - TDGA Releases the Final State Breakouts & Statistics for West Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming
  • 09/23/14 - Do You Qualify For Tax Exemption Relating To Affordable Care Act?
  • 09/22/14 - Traffic Personnel: The IRS Issues Special per diem rates issued for 2014–2015 travel expenses
  • 09/17/14 - MediaOcean Launches Prisma Avails Automated Digital Buying Solution
  • 09/17/14 - Safer Surfing From Your Traffic Department Computers
  • 09/16/14 - Senate GOP blocks Paycheck Fairness Act for the second time
  • 09/15/14 - Back9Network Selects Myers' ProTrack
  • 09/15/14 - New Survey Says Only 1 in 3 HR Staffers Aspire to Executive Career Tracks

September Broadcaster Conferences, Conventions and Meetings

  • 09/25/14 - Rhode Island Broadcasters Association 14th Annual Golf Tournament - Sakonnet Golf Club 79 Sakonnet Point
  • 09/26-27/14 - Maine Association of Broadcasters (Two Days) September 26 & 27) - MAB Convention will be held at the Fireside Inn in Portland.
  • 09/29/14 - Colorado Broadcaster’s Ascertainment Meeting (Denver) 8am - 12:00 pm, at Clear Channel Media & Entertainment, 4695 S Monaco St., Denver, CO
  • 09/30/14 - New Mexico Broadcasters Radio Sales Clinic - at the Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces. San Rafael A room

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CURRENTLY OPEN: Political Windows are currently open in All States & Territories: General Election Political Windows Opened Friday, September 5 and Close Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Business Brief Headlines Impacting Radio-TV -

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  • 09/23/14 -  iHeartMedia Prices $250 Million Note Offering, Fitch Ratings Remains 'Negative'
  • 09/23/14 - Facebook Extends Reach with New Advertising Platform
  • 09/23/14 - Treasury Takes Steps To Stop Corporate Inversions to Foreign Countries
  • 09/22/14 - IRS Issues Special per diem rates issued for 2014–2015 travel expenses
  • 09/22/14 - U.S. Local Media Revenues to Reach $139.3 Billion in 2015
  • 09/22/14 - Adams Radio of Delmarva Buys Great Scott Stations in Coastal Maryland
  • 09/22/14 - Seven Stations, 5 Translators Sold in Finger Lakes Region of New York State
  • 09/19/14 - October 1st Vital Date For TV Stations Carried On Cable!
  • 09/18/14 - Cox Names John Wolfe as New SVP and Southwest Region Manager
  • 09/18/14 - U.S. Ad Spend Slowed To 0.7% In Q2;  Radio Actually Fell 3.6% vs. Q2 '13 -
  • 09/17/14 -  Strata Data Finds Political Advertisers Plan To Use TV, Cable & Spot Radio
  • 09/17/14 - Alpha Media Richmond appoints James Levy as Director of Sales
  • 09/17/14 - Rate of Uninsured Drops Full 2% in First Quarter of 2014
  • 09/17/14 - Making The NFL Wake Up.To Domestic Abuse; Beginning With Advertiser's Buys
  • 09/17/14 - How Much Will ACA Compliance Cost Business With 51-100 Employees?

Legal Advisories - Members Can Click For Full Menu Access

  • Airing of License Renewal Post-Filing Announcements (fifth of the required six post-filing announcements) Commercial and Noncommercial Full-Power and Class A Television Stations in California
  • Airing of License Renewal Post-Filing Anncts. (1st of six post-filing announcements) Comm. and Non-comm Full-Power and Class A Television Stations in AK, HI, OR, WA, AS, Gus,, the Mariana Islands and Saipan
  • Airing of License Renewal Pre-Filing Anncts. (1st of four pre-filing announcements) Comm. and Non-comm Full-Power and Class A Television Stations in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI and VT
  • License Renewal Apps. (FCC Form 303-S) and EEO Program Reports (FCC Form 396) must be filed with FCC and Station's Public Inspection Files for Comm. and Non-Comm. Full Power and Class-A TV Stations, TV Translators and LPTV Stations in AK, HI, OR, WA, AS, Guam, the Martians Islands and Saipan.
  • Annual EEO Public File Reports must be placed in stations' public inspection files for Comm. and Non-Comm. Full Power and Class-A Television Stations and am and FM Radio Stations in AK, FL, HI, IA, MO, OR, WA, AS, Guam, the Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Saipan and the Virgin Islands.
  • Biennial Ownership Reports (FCC Form 323-E) must be filed and placed in Stations' Public Inspection Files for Non-Comm. Television Stations in AK, FL, HI, OR, WA, AS, Guam, the Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Saipan, and the Virgin Islands; plus Non-Comm. AM & FM Radio Stations in IA and MO.
  • Statements of Election with respect to either must-carry or retransmission consent must be placed in the Stations Public Inspection Files and sent via Certified mail to all cable systems in each Station's defined market. Applies to all Commercial Full-Power and Class-A TV Stations.


CURRENTLY OPEN: Political Windows are currently open in All States & Territories: General Election Political Windows Opened Friday, September 5 and Close Tuesday, November 4, 2014


From The Corner of Advertising & Agency

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  • 09/23/14 - Droga5 Features Diet Coke Transformations in New Spots
  • 09/23/14 - Pitch is Hired To Re-Position Bonefish Grill 
  • 09/23/14 - HP Campaign Urges Professionals To Switch From Macs
  • 09/22/14 - Accounts On The Move, As Reported by MediaPost
    • BooneOakley - Champions for Education
    • McAfee - Clock Four
    • Louisville Slugger - Onestop Internet
    • Sengled - BSUR
    • Hunter Fan Company - Fathom Communications
  • 09/22/14 - Budweiser Gets Puppy Love Again For Drunken-Driving Spots
  • 09/22/14-  DDB NY Replaces Saatchi on Iams Pet Food Account
  • 09/22/14 - Prudential Sets Domino-Collapsing Record in Retirement Ad 
  • 09/22/14 - Starbucks Ads Discuss Life, Not Coffee
  • 09/19/14 -  P&G Scraps Its NFL Breast Cancer Campaign  
  • 09/19/14 - Gatorade Helps Derek Jeter Say Goodbye to Yankee Fans   

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