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Astral Media Implements BroadView End-To-End For Disney XD Channel Sales


Astral Media Implements BroadView End-To-End For Disney XD Channel Sales

(Las Vegas NV - April 16, 2012) - (NAB Booth N3131) - Astral Media, a Canadian media company in television, radio, out-of-home advertising and digital media, has implemented BroadView Software's latest advance - a single, end-to-end solution from sales proposal to programming for Disney XD, its newest channel.

By enhancing Astral's existing BroadView traffic and programming installation with a fully-integrated research and sales proposal toolkit powered by OneDomain, Astral's sales staff now have immediate access to critical information to maximize sales performance by optimizing market intelligence for advertising agencies. Also, by extending the BroadView implementation to include the sales team, managers throughout the enterprise have immediate access to DisneyXD's bottom-line.

Launching DisneyXD required adding in-house sales management capabilities. Until then, Astral's English-language channels based on an advertising model operated as joint ventures with other entities that handled the sales function. "We were in the market for a sales proposal system, and the capabilities BroadView demonstrated were excellent," said Michael Letourneau, Director,
Information Technology, Astral Television Networks. "We have enjoyed an excellent, long-term relationship with BroadView serving as our technology partner. So it made sense to work with them here as they added these capabilities to their system."

"Astral continues to be an industry leader by adding BroadView's research and sales proposal tools to make for an end-to-end media management system," said Michael Atkin, BroadView Founding Partner and President. "This new toolset brings a dimension to our product that creates enormous workflow advantages for our customers." Disney XD launched in Canada on June 1, 2011 with the new BroadView sales proposals integration. The two-way data interchange between traffic information and sales staff, immediately proved invaluable.

"The live avails in BroadView are excellent," said Brad Thompson, Account Executive, Astral TVPlus. "For example, we have a weekend daypart that regularly sells out. Without live avails, we have to wait for traffic to tell us we've sold too much. Having live avails avoids this lag. It's always harder to go to a client and say (a spot) isn't there and explain why you had to move it." The Traffic staff now also trusts the data entered from sales and don't have to invest valuable time with manually entering data or double-checking information. The two systems, as designed, are automatically synched.

"BroadView's fully integrated system works much better (than non-integrated systems)," said Brianna Stracuzzi, Astral Traffic Coordinator, DisneyXD Traffic. " You can trust the data. I can't say that for other systems where you have to double-check every single line that comes through to you. When I have to do that, I'm pulling my hair out trying to get through every contract". Having a unified solution rather than two separate systems also simplifies maintenance.

"When you update something with a customer in BroadView, it goes directly into OneDomain. That's fantastic," said Phil Allison, Manager, Finance Kids, Astral Television Networks. "Your master data is always in synch. It makes maintenance much easier. Those who have worked with other systems know the downsides to when these systems don't communicate. You run into problems". Going forward, the BroadView/OneDomain integration, with its single qualification process, ensures that subsequent software updates remain completely compatible. This eliminates the usual challenges of maintaining and qualifying builds of systems that are more cobbled together than "fully integrated".

Some of BroadView's most valuable work has been on issues outside the software itself. By facilitating discussion between different departments within Astral, all have arrived at a better understanding of how the complete system can be best used to maximize workflow efficiencies. Ongoing dialog between sales and traffic staffs have generated innovation and excellence. "I have great confidence in BroadView, and as usual they proved to be a great partner. They are always receptive to our special needs, no matter what. We've always enjoyed working with BroadView and can count on them for reliable innovation," said Letourneau.