Renew or Extend Your Membership

Renew - One Year


IF YOU ARE A CURRENT MEMBER and want to Extend Your Membership; OR ARE IN THE RECENTLY EXPIRED "GRACE PERIOD) and you plan to use a Credit Card:

Renew or extend your individual membership for One Year ($30 is your current member discounted renewal fee for each year you wish to extend your membership). Payments by Credit Card will extend your membership by a full 52-weeks (or 104 Weeks) -

  1. Using Your Member LogIn ID and Password, be sure you're logged into the the website
  2. You can Edit the individual fields to insure the data, email adresses, etc. are current and correct.
  3. When finished, keep the Account Open and using a second browser tab - Proceed to # 4 (below)
  4. Go To The Renewal Shopping Cart by Clicking Here
  5. PLEASE BE SURE QUANTITY is set for "1" for a One-Year Extension, or "2" for a Two-Year Extension)
  6. When you select the proper "Quantity (1 or 2) - Click to UPDATE CART
  7. Note: Ignore the Coupon or Group Code References, this does not affect your renewal process
  8. Then proceed to THE CHECKOUT so that it shows the correct Amount you'll be charging to your Credit Card Transaction.
  9. Go to the small box at the bottom of this page that says "ADD TO CART"
  10. Advance by going to the next Checkout Page and fill in the Credit Card informastion (Using the Credit Card Billing Address & Zip Code


Joining or renewing by check obviously requirwes you to submit a written application form and accompanying payment. Your new membership (or renewal) does not become effective until the material is received and processed at our offices in San Juan Capistrano. To assist you, we've provided a downloadable PDF-formatted application form that can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. Please print clearly, remembering that LogIn and Passwords, email, addresses, etc. frequently contain letters that look very similar to numbers. ( The letter "O" looks like a "zero"; a numer "one" looks like a small letter "L")  As our school teachers used to say... "neatness counts," although ou goal is to be certain we transcribe your data correctly.


Your membership fee will be instantly credited when you enter the Pre-Paid Code the underwriting company provided to you. This function takes place on a Payment Page, which follows.  Group Codes are only available from underwriters participating in the TDGA Membership Alliance Program. TDGA may not provide you with this Code, which is provided as a courtesy directly to you by your underwriting Traffic Software Provider, Broadcast Group or participating State Broadcaster Association. 

Our Group Alliance Members each operate on a different member year program, (with different ending dates). Using their code will extend your membership period to match the period they authorized.  Group Member Codes do NOT automaticaly renew your membership each year. You will need to ask your provider for the current code, to extend your membership under their programs.


To continue, whether planning to pay by credit card or using a Group Membership Code, please click Add to Cart (at the bottom of the Renew Options page) to proceed to the next page .