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Nuts 'n Bolts Express

Need to check out a frequently-asked topic? Here's another TDGA Service area to help speed you along your way. Think of it as your "Drive-through" to get answers to questions covered by a host of outstanding broadcast attorneys and others considered to be experts in their field, over the past several years. Obviously, none of these articles are intended to "replace" good, competent legal guidance from your stations own legal resources. But, when time's important and it seems like something that must have been covered earlier- We hope it will give you an overview and send you on your way... Obviously, this service is intended for TDGA Members Only. And, it's updated every time we're asked about a new topic to discuss.

Because of the current Presidential & Federal Election Year, we've grouped frequent "Political Questions" in the initial category.

POLITICAL NUTS 'N BOLTS: How To Handle "The Lowest Unit Rate Dilemna" When You Discover An Overcharge

POLITICAL NUTS 'N BOLTS: Issue-Oriented Advertising: LUC/LUR; Broadcaster Liability on Facts; Opposing Views Access? Yes, No or Maybe?

POLITICAL NUTS 'N BOLTS: Who is Your Station's "Political Implementation Specialist" When It Comes Time To Decide Political Guidelines?

POLITICAL NUTS 'N BOLTS: Non-Commercial, Public or Educational Stations; the "Political File;" When & How to Say No

POLITICAL NUTS 'N BOLTS:  Exercise Care About Lowest Unit Rate Being/Not Being Applicable to Internet Streaming Combo Packages

We also suggest checking out the numerous chapters covering specific Political Questions found in the 2012 TDGA Political Guide For Traffic Professionals 

NUTS 'N Bolts: EEO Referral Cautions When Using Only Outside Sources For Recruitment

NUTS 'N BOLTS: EEO: Web-only or Word-of-Mouth-only Recruitment IS NOT Enough

NUTS 'N BOLTS: License Renewal and the No Urban Dictate Certification Requirement

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Daily Coupons and Plugola

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Summary of the FCC Rules Implementing the CALM Act to Regulate Loud TV Commercials

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Advertising for Casino Gambling and Other Lotteries; Clearing Up Some Of The Confusion

NUTS 'N BOLTS - Are You Logging Announcements & Web Spot To Publicize Location of Children's TV Program Reports?

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Meeting the Radio and Television Public Inspection File Requirements

NUTS 'N BOLTS: - Music Use in Podcasts, Downloads and On-Demand Streams are Not Covered By Your SoundExchange Royalties

NUTS 'N BOLTS: - EEO Self-Assessment; Worth Reading and Retaining

NUTS 'N BOLTS:- The Answer To "How Must Our Logs Be Signed?

NUTS 'N BOLTS: - The Dangers (To Broadcasters) Of Using Social Media Data in Hiring

NUTS 'N BOLTS: What Do The FCC Main Studio Rules Require?

NUTS ‘N BOLTS: Advertising Content Issues; Using Copyrighted Material In Commercials and the Considering The "Fair Use" Doctrine.

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Video Program Originators Must Make Emergency Info Available To Hearing / Vision Impaired Disabilities

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Assessing Control of the Noncommercial Broadcaster - FCC Looks to Board of Directors

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Traffic's Secular Trinity: Rotation, Repetition and Reinforcement

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Crash Course In The Public File; What's Supposed To Be In There?

NUTS 'N BOLTS: Running Contests Promos? - Traffic Should Double Check To Insure Sales & Programming Are Following The Rules Before You Start Logging Promos!