So You Want To Place A Classified?

How To Post A Classified Ad on TDGA

  1. Just submit the classified text you would like us to list, sending it to our standard e-mail address ( We do not accept phoned-in dictation; and we do not accept Faxed information. Wherever possible, we prefer text we can literally copy ‘n paste to insure your copy is duplicated as we receive it. As long as you follow our rules for submission, we’ll do the rest.
  1. We do not accept text e-mailed in ALL CAPS. All copy must be in a combination of upper & lower case lettering and will be published in black colored lettering only. (This permits us to insert unique instructions in red to draw attention to anything specific. For example, we use red type when the position advertised requires knowledge of a foreign language; or has a special instruction such as NO Phone Calls Accepted.
  1. We do not accept “TF” or “TFN” run until notified classifieds. They must either have a Closing date inserted by you, or we will assign a “Closing Date” which usually is approximately one month from the original date of display. Our standard tagline is: Closing Date: When position is filled or (date inserted closest to a month from publication). For persons seeking a position, we usually run it for a maximum, of two months.
  1. We reserve the right to edit any self-serving copy that makes claims not pertinent to the position. Bragging about you number one ratings, best news team in town, America’s favorite city, etc. will all be deleted. We offer the classifieds for the purpose of filling your opening, not to provide advertising or image-building for your company or stations. Also, please use Call Letters – we’ll edit out the Wolf, The Bear, The mighty 590, Free-FM, The Breeze, etc. Tell us the duties, requirements and any specific abilities you’re looking for. All ads are presumed to be EEO, although we will use the terminology you submit to comply with your own EEO policies.
  1. Do not use confusing, fluffed-up job titles that do not immediately tell the reader the position to be filled. It’s very cute to be in search of an Imaging Director- but unless you say what that entails- we won’t run any ad that isn’t perfectly clear. If you’re looking for a receptionist or switchboard operator- say so. Don’t change the job to “Director of First Impressions.”
  1. There is no charge for use of our Classifieds, although we ask that you be reasonable in the number and frequency of ads submitted. We do not accept Ads from Job placement services, unless it is for a temp service.
  1. We do not maintain files, archives or copies of text used in earlier advertisements. When the Closing Date arrives, the text is deleted. Calling and requesting us to run an ad you ran earlier in the year could not be honored. You must submit new copy with each new requested advertisement.

PLEASE NOTE: TDGA does not accept Classified advertising for unpaid internships, nor volunteer openings. We are a professional association and believe that all Staff members should be properly compensated for their work product. Internship positions have been subject to litigation where it may be designed to circumvent a position that would in other circumstances filled by a paid employee. By eliminating our presumed fiduciary relationship, it is our policy NOT to accept such submissions for posting.

As always, we make every effort to assist you in getting the ads placed promptly. However, we will not create or develop ads for you from submitted notes or bullet points. The text is your responsibility. Submit all copy top We accept e-mail submissions only in our Classified pages.