TDGA Membership Benefits


1. Free Classified Listings - Looking for a new position? Or seeking new employees to work in your department? TDGA Employment Classifieds are guaranteed free to all members in good standing. 

2. Q&A, Consultations & Guidance - Have a technical question, or simply in search of advice about a perplexing problem or concern? TDGA Membership gives you access to other Radio Professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience and expertise. Discussion Sites (listservs) are already being explored for the exclusive use of TDGA members only. 

3. Reduced Seminar, Meeting and Conference Fees - Whether it's a session to learn new software, certification courses, or reduced-fee participation in vendor programs, TDGA will use the sheer numbers of our association to garner you cost reductions at third-party functions.

4. Group or Multiple-Year Membership Discounts - Information, Education, Interaction, Discounts, Research Resources and more are all included in your TDGA Membership. We offer special 2-year membership discounts; as well as "Multiple Membership" Discounts. A "multiple membership" discount involves more than one member at a single Station or group location. We'll save on mailing and shipping costs -- and we pass those savings on to your staff via "multiple memberships." The "Primary" membership is $45.00 for the initial Full Year and $30 yesars for each year thereafter while your membership remains "current" (a $15 per person savings).

5. Inclusion In All TDGA Annual Projects - These vary from year to year, but among the most popular items are the annual TDGA Traffic Personnel Salary Surveys for Radio & TV, the Annual Traffic Software Satisfaction Surveys that gathers your input and rankings of Software features, service and support for the specific product you use on a regular basis. When searching for new software, you have instant access to the opinions of the respondents that use a wide variety of other products to compare it with your current system.

6. 24/7 Access To The Members Resource Library - Archived Q&A articles. Special Reports FCC Rules & Regs, Booklets, Sample Forms used by other Members for Traffic, Time Orders, Production, etc. It's literally a treasure chest- and it's all yours to download as needed or to answer concerns on a wide variety of topics. The Library also includes our many TDGA Publications - All 100% free to all current TDGA Members. Most are in PDF formats to insure a virus-free transfer to your own computers.

If you'd prefer to join by sending a check via U.S. Mail, please complete our Membership Form In Windows Format; and when when completed and mail it with your credit card information, check or money order to the address on the Form.

Or go online for joining immediately by clicking on the box  labeled "Click Here To Join TDGA" (to the left).